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foodzings: Dragonfish Happy Hour

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dragonfish Happy Hour

After driving through Mount Rainier, a much better park than Olympic, I made my way south to Portland, Oregon. Once I got there, I went to a happy hour at Dragonfish Asian Cafe. Located downtown, it's a pan asian joint. They have a sushi happy hour every day, twice a day.
Salmon katsu. What's that? Salmon with panko breadcrums, deep fried, or maybe pan fried.
Hoisin BBQ ribs.
Caramel ginger chicken. Good, but there was hot ass mustard on the bottom of the plate. It damn near burned my nose off. And also big chunks of ginger. Man, they need to warn you about that stuff. But otherwise, a nice dish.
I also had an extremely strong drink that came in a coconut cup. So so strong I tell you. And also a spicy tuna roll and a california roll. This california roll was unlike any california roll I've ever had in my life. Conclusion? Sushi is different in the pacific northwest. The sushi here wasn't that special. But the drinks make up for it. And it's pretty cheap during the happy hour.

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