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foodzings: Jonesin'

Saturday, March 8, 2008


After the happy hour, I needed real food. I was fairly inebriated and needed nourishment. So we headed down the street to Jones. I hadn't been here in a gazillion years. I'm not sure when Jones opened, but that was the last time I was here, right after it opened. And I didn't remember anything about it, other than it was ok.

R got the matzoh ball soup. These matzohs were ginormous. She really enjoyed it. Oh yeah, you get some free bread too. Hot and fresh, pretty damn good.

They had a shrimp bisque special that night, so I partook. It was good. Nothing earth shattering, but still good. There was lots of it, that's for damn sure. It's a pretty big bowl.

R went crazy and got the thanksgiving dinner. You cannot tell from this picture, but this dish was also ginormous. She barely ate two bites.

I did not go crazy since I'd already gone crazy with crappy ginger cocktails, so I got the baked mac and cheese, which is an appetizer. This was HOT, and pretty good. I could see why lots of people rave about this. I had eaten so much bisque that I barely got to eat this that night. But it made for great leftovers.
The service was a bit too attentive that night. Our waitress was on us like white on rice, asking us how we were every 2 minutes. And 3 separate non-serving employees stopped by to ask how we were. Wednesday nights must be slow there.
And oh yeah, we got the red velvet cake for dessert, which was a special. And like a jackass, I totally forgot to take a picture... probably because it was so damn good I was overcome with the need to stuff my face, instead of grabbing my camera. Even the icing was good on it, and I'm not often into icing.



At March 11, 2008 at 5:06 AM , Anonymous Cathy said...

I once ate at Jones with my friend Jones. The mac and cheese looks to die for. Next time get a shot of the red velvet ;-)


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