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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yeats Lunch

I saw Barack Obama give a little speech on Saturday. This is not an endorsement people, not at all. I still don't know who the heck I'm going to vote for. But he was doing a Whistlestop tour of certain R5 train stations, so I figured I'd just bike myself down there and give it a looksee. There were tons of people there and he gave a nice little inspirational speech. Did he convince me to vote for him? No. No one's convinced me as of yet. Afterwards, we were starving, so we walked around a little bit, got tired and even more hot, and so we stopped at Yeats.

T and I ended up ordering the exact same thing - classic wedge salad with grilled chicken and honey balasmic vinaigrette. It was the perfect thing on an 80-something degree hot ass Saturday. Lettuce, bacon, cukes, tomatoes, chicken, and a zesty dressing. What's not to like? It was nicely air-conditioned and we were so thankful. It was pretty empty, but then again, I've never seen the place very busy. The service was just fine as usual and T enjoyed a nice cold beer too.


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