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foodzings: Another Stop at Izenberg's

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Stop at Izenberg's

The other day, we stopped at Izenberg's again for lunch. Don't ask what R got. You know - nova lox and bagels. But this time, I did try it. She made me a tiny little mini lox and bagel sandwich. I liked it! I didn't expect not to or anything. It was very light. Not necessarily what I expected. No extremely strong flavors or anything. Quite pleasant.

As for me, I got an egg salad sandwich. Seemingly benign, but damn, this was good ass egg salad. Huge chunks of egg, and lots of it. It was so big that I ate only half and then had the rest for dinner. After having those amazing sweet potato fries at Good Dog the other day, I also decided to get a side of sweet potato fries. Bad idea. These weren't sweet at all. In fact, they were like plain potatoes that they had dyed orange. Quite a disappointment. But that's ok, my sandwich was still yummy. The service? Meh. Nothing to rave about.



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