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foodzings: Hotel Angeleno Room Service

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hotel Angeleno Room Service

After having to get up at an ungawdly hour to catch my flight, by the time dinner time ran around, I wasn't feeling too with it. Instead of going out and schlepping all over town for a sit-down meal, I decided to revel in my laziness and do room service. And I love room service! I was staying at a really cool hotel, the Hotel Angeleno, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

The room service menu itself was quite limited in choice. The soup of the day was yukon gold potato soup with scallop. I think those may have been some sliced truffles on top? I'm no truffles expert, so you tell me. But I am an expert on how freakin good this soup was! It was thick, creamy, sweet, with a huge honkin scallop inside. So good! Surprisingly good!

I also got some sea bass, which came on top of a lobster ravioli, and was drizzled with a chive oil. The fish was simply prepared, just pan fried. Absolutely no frills, but quite good. The lobster ravioli was good too, but a bit strange, as it had chunks of crunchy veggies inside, including corn. I still liked it, but I didn't expect it to crunch. The foamy stuff in the little bowl? No idea what that was, other than being gross. I didn't touch it after my initial taste. Blech! The hotel has a restaurant up top that everyone raves about. If the room service is any indication, I'm sure it's got to be great. I'll be sure to have a proper meal there on my next visit.



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