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foodzings: Terrible's Breakfast

Friday, October 30, 2009

Terrible's Breakfast

For our last breakfast, we ventured out and went to Terrible's Casino, to dine at the breakfast buffet there. We showed up too late, so we went next door to the Bougainvillea Cafe instead. It was much like the other breakfast spot, but they also had more mexican dishes. C got the loco moco. You know, the loco moco, it's a hawaiian thing. A heap of rice, with a burger on top, all covered with gravy, and topped with egg. Breakfast of hawaiian champions! I got the blueberry pancakes. Hard to see em, but I swear, there are blueberries there! All on the bottom. I quite enjoyed these. And look, they even have food themed gaming machines! Be still my heart!

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