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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Loungey Breakfast

I had to leave sometime, and on the morning of my drive back to SEATAC, to come back to the good old EC, I hopped across the street to Doug Fir. It's a restaurant, lounge, bar, and live music venue, which looks like a total woodsy lodge. Can we say, timber?
It's kitchy, but I like it. How can you hate on those deer and duck wall hangings? And that phat fireplace? I could totally have drinks here...
Well, I was here for breakfast, and damn early I may say. Actually, I opened up the place. I was physically the only customer in the entire place. I guess people aren't eating out at 7AM these days. I ordered the french connection, which was croissant french toast. It was 2 croissants, split in half, and made into french toast. Really quite decadent. Served with maple syrup or a fruit compote, and I just went with the syrup. It was incredibly sweet, but just what I needed. Service was good, as I had the server all to myself. I don't actually think she was a server. I think she worked in the kitchen, but she waited on me anyway. She was incredibly nice. And look at this horribly cheesy bathroom.



At October 23, 2008 at 3:44 PM , Anonymous Gastronomer said...

Croissant French toast? That's brilliant.


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