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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Abbaye Late Eats

Stopped by for a late dinner at the Abbaye on Friday night. It wasn't planned. We ended up driving around and I just decided Northern Liberties was it. It was late and the place was full. We put our names in with the giant amazonian woman wearing the black dress, clearly without a bra, who clearly needed a bra. It was excruciating having to wait. And it started raining, so we couldn't take a table outside. Eventually, some slow hipsters left, and we sat down, just as a coupla more hipsters tried to snag the table. I had to tell em to step off. Or rather, tell them that sorry, but we were on the list.

They have a menu, but also a bunch of specials on the chalkboard. We ended up getting two of the specials: pulled pork sandwich and the spinach, mango, avocado salad with shrimp. The pulled pork sandwich was surprisingly spicy. I enjoyed their skinny shoe string fries. As for the salad? Spinach, good. Mango, good. Shrimp, good. Avocado, not so good. They were clearly not ripe, and biting into a crunch avocado is not my idea of a good time.

We also had a problem with the beers. The hoegaarden on draft? Not cold. The tall boy to follow it up? Also not cold. It seems like that as a bar, the least you could do is service some ice cold beers. The food wasn't great, the service wasn't great, the beers were warm, and I wasn't inspired to take any pictures. And the place is loud. I think it's much more of a have a beer or two kind of place... if you don't mind warm beers.

The Abbaye
637 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 627-6711

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