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foodzings: Drinks at the Cantina

Monday, June 30, 2008

Drinks at the Cantina

After finally getting some food in our bellies, we walked up to Cantina Los Caballitos to grab a couple of drinks. The place is pretty cool, colorful, and freakin loud. And on a Saturday night, fairly crowded. I've heard mixed reviews about their food, but I'd definitely heard good things about their margaritas, so that's precisely what we went for.

R got a frozen watermelon margaritas. Oh my dear goodness these suckers are strong. They're not cheap, but they don't skimp on the tequila either. A coupla these and I'd be on my ass in no time. I really liked the watermelon one.

I went with a blood orange margarita, rocks. Again, super strong. I liked this too, but actually, I liked the watermelon one better.

PS - What's with these restaurants lately and all the bathroom doors having naked boobies everywhere? Bar Ferdinand had that weird male/female bull sign with female bull boobies, and now the Cantina has this mermaid showing off her tatas. That's what seashells are for, people. In any case, the bathrooms were fine.

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