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foodzings: Sonam Happy Hour

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sonam Happy Hour

I attended another fantastic Yelp happy hour Wednesday night. It was held at Sonam, on South Street, and they closed down the whole place just for us. It's a really cute and small place. I loved the way it was decorated. It's a "global tapas" place that's also a byob.
I don't remember what these were, but they were on little crunchy pieces of mini toasts, and had egg salad, chicken salad, and something else. I liked em. Asian chicken slider. Ok, these I totally dug. I ate many many of these little suckers. Delicious. A was saying they tasted like his mom's turkey burgers, well damn, she makes some good ass turkey burgers.They call these S'mores, but they're not traditional s'mores. It was goat cheese with a fig reduction. Shudder. I'm not a fan of goat cheese. I didn't try these.
Shrimp. Don't remember what these were like, but I liked them.
Beef on a stick. These were kind of boring and plain. Meh. "South Philly Negamaki". Strange, but ok. Chicken Tikka Masala Parmesan. Loved these!At some point in the evening, edamame came out. And I love me some edamame.

This was some kind of dessert tapas. Something they cooked up for us. Ice cream, cinnamon and sugar, and crunchy stuff. Loved it.

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